As an Areca leaf plate manufacturer, we have set our products to meet international quality standards through optimized manufacturing process with Hygienic conditions, trained and skilled operational personnel and dedicated quality assurance systems.

There are no chemicals or additives used in the entire manufacturing process. It is 100% chemical free. Also the entire process leaves very less Carbon Foot Print when compared to other disposable alternates in the market

Even the water used for cleaning is collected and irrigated for the Green cover in the factory premises.

Our products are manufactured from fallen dry sheaths of Areca nut trees. The Areca sheath when dried will fall from the tree and it is collected from the farms fresh and used for making products.

Areca Leaf Plates Manufacturing

Areca nut(Supari) tree drops its leaves naturally when the old leaves are making room for the new leaves. These leaves have been used as plates for dining purposes for centuries. With new technology this natural and rigid material can be compressed to a shape of a design plate which in use with dry food can last longer periods.

The production process of the plates doesn’t require added chemicals or heavy infrastructure. The carbon footprint of making the plate consists mainly of heating water and the metal cast. Because the tree drops its leaves naturally the production process doesn’t require cutting or harming of the trees.

Unique Properties

The unique properties our products possess in nature cannot be matched to other types of alternative products in the world currently.

Our products are 100% Natural, Eco friendly, Bio degradable, Compostable, Oven safe, Water resistant and can hold liquids both Hot & Cold, Freezer safe and more importantly do not react with food or liquid when used.

Areca leaf products are safe in all Microbiological testing (like Plate count within acceptable limit for food contact, No Presence of E-Coli, and no presence of Fungus).